Apple Loses Appeal Over Optis 4G Patent

 On Tuesday, Apple lost a legal battle against a Texas patent holding company in a London appeals court.

Reuters reported that a London appeals court ruled that Apple infringed two telecommunications patents used in devices such as iPhones and iPads.

As a result, the appeals court rejected Apple’s appeal in its long-running dispute with the US patent holder.

patent dispute

Texas-based Optis Cellular Technology LLC sued Apple in 2019 over the use of patents that Optis claims are essential to certain technology standards such as 4G.

Apple lost a $506.2 million patent infringement case in US court.

But Apple appealed, and in April 2021, a U.S. judge agreed with Apple and overturned its $506 million damages award.

However, the matter is not over, and Optis is also engaged in a legal battle in the UK.

Optis won another lawsuit against Apple in the UK, this time claiming billions (up to $7 billion), not just millions.

In June 2021, a high court judge ruled that Apple infringed two Optis patents that help iPhones connect to 3G and 4G networks.

Then in July 2021, Apple threatened to withdraw from the UK market if a court ruled it had to pay.

Pulling out of the UK market means Apple doesn’t have to pay for it.

court resolution

The High Court in London ruled in 2022 that two of Optis’ 4G patents were so-called standard-essential patents that Apple infringed.

Apple appealed the decision in May, arguing that the two patents in question were not essential to the 4G standard and that it did not infringe them.

But now Reuters reports that its challenge has been rejected by an appeals court, with Judge Colin Beers reportedly writing in a ruling that the high court “has the power to reject (Apple’s) non-infringement arguments” and rule that patents are necessary. indispensable.

Apple and Optis did not immediately respond to requests for comment, Reuters reported.

long fight

As noted above, the London ruling is the latest in a legal battle between Apple and Optis that began in 2019 and has sparked six separate trials and multiple appeal hearings in the UK alone.

Last month, an appeals court upheld Optis’ appeal against a previous decision to revoke two other 4G-related patents, Reuters noted, after ruling in October that Optis was entitled to an injunction preventing Apple from violating its patents pending a court ruling. Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Terms of Use.

Apple was granted leave to appeal the October ruling earlier this year.