OpenAI ChatGPT Intensifies Efforts to Prevent AI from ‘Going Rogue’. ‘Dual-Coin’ Crypto Loans by Bitget to Increase Investor Liquidity

ChatGPT creator OpenAI plans to invest heavily and build a new research team

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what’s new todayHeadspace Health faces another round of layoffs within a year.

quick insightBitget’s “dual currency” cryptocurrency lending increases liquidity for investors.

OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, announced on Wednesday that it will devote significant resources and launch a new research team to study how artificial intelligence can eventually control itself and be safe for humans. OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever and consortium lead Jan Leike said in a blog post that “the immense power of a superintelligence could … lead to the disempowerment of humanity, or even its extinction.” We now lack a way to guide or manage possible Artificial intelligence with superintelligence and preventing it from behaving abnormally.

Headspace Health, a company that provides meditation and mental health services, revealed that 181 employees, or 15 percent of its workforce, were laid off. The layoffs mark the company’s second wave of layoffs in the past 12 months. In December, the company laid off about 50 employees, or 4% of its workforce. Chief executive Russell Glass informed employees of the recent layoffs in an internal message, claiming the company misjudged how the current economic situation would affect customer behavior.

Microsoft and LinkedIn have announced a new program to provide free online artificial intelligence courses to individuals and organizations. The AI ​​Skills program offers tools such as a free foundational Generative AI course, a new Generative AI Professional Certificate, and a Global Grants Challenge to find new ways to train workers in Generative AI. A great way to start learning about artificial intelligence is through free introductory courses. read more

The cryptocurrency lending program that Bitget intends to introduce to consumers will allow them to stake their tokens in exchange for loans in other currencies. According to the derivatives trading platform, the program is aimed at borrowers who have been disappointed with traditional lenders. Gracy Chen, managing director of BitGet, said the loan program helps borrowers expand their investment holdings beyond the tokens they already own.