What Threads Could Mean for Meta…and Twitter — The Information

 If there’s one tech billionaire who hates the news media more than Mark Zuckerberg, it’s Elon Musk.Here’s Why You’re Seeing Unusual Floods positive report Threads, Meta Platforms’ Twitter competitor application, officially launched a while ago. To be sure, the positivity doesn’t last. It won’t be long (a week later) before someone in the media discovers that Meta is harvesting user data on Threads for advertising purposes (shocking!), sparking fresh invective. For now, though, tech journalists are happy to see Threads posing a threat to Musk’s Twitter, and are doing good-natured coverage of Meta as a result.

Will Threads really hurt Twitter? It sure doesn’t help. In an official announcement from Threads, Meta said the new app “provides a new, self-contained space for live updates and public conversations.” It does sound like its goal is to replace Twitter. But users may not see Threads as a natural replacement for Twitter, given Threads’ strong ties to Instagram (eg, people use Instagram accounts to log in). After all, people use Instagram to share funny pictures with friends, but they turn to Twitter more to learn about important topics like finance, science, and politics; to promote their work; and to attack anyone with an opinion they disagree with (not necessarily by this order).