For inventing a romance with Eduardo Capetillo Jr, Fabiola Camponaes assures that not even their friendship has

Fabiola Campomanes has vehemently pushed back against the fabricated rumors that circulated about a romantic involvement with Eduardo Capetillo Jr. Despite a considerable age gap of 22 years between them, Campomanes firmly denied any romantic entanglement and attributed these unfounded speculations to the deterioration of the friendship they had forged during their time on "MasterChef Celebrity."

This past Sunday, the accomplished actress faced her exit from the culinary reality show, a surprising turn of events considering her consistent standout performances throughout the competition. Recognized for her culinary finesse and leadership within the teams, Campomanes had often taken the lead in various challenges. However, her recent performances took a downturn.

Remarkably, it was the preparation of a pizza that marked Campomanes' departure from "Mexico's most famous kitchen." While she bid farewell to the competition, her fellow contestant Romina Marcos was afforded the opportunity to progress to the finals.

Prior to her departure from "MasterChef Celebrity," known in the art world as "la Campomanes," the actress visited TV Azteca forums where her magazine programs are produced. During one such visit, she addressed her experience on the cooking show. She appeared on the podcast "Of what one finds out," hosted by Carlos "Chicken" Muñoz. In the podcast, Muñoz inquired about not only her culinary journey but also the baseless rumor that emerged from her participation on the show, suggesting a romantic liaison with fellow contestant Eduardo Capetillo Jr.

Faced with this question, Campomanes didn't mince words, expressing her exasperation at being repeatedly asked about a nonexistent romance and lamenting the tendency to undermine a genuine friendship by spreading unfounded rumors. "It angers and saddens me, how unfortunate that they can't allow two people to have a friendship and instead wish to tarnish it," she voiced her frustration.

However, Campomanes' frustration extended further as she disclosed that her friendship with Eduardo had come to an end, attributing the fracture to those who propagated the false narrative. “I believe you can be friends with anyone, regardless of age. It shocked me; the damage is done. Friendship no longer exists. It's disheartening how things get tainted,” she expressed her disappointment.

While she acknowledged that she still views Eduardo as a "kind man" with whom she never shared anything beyond a platonic bond, it's worth noting that their age difference is substantial – Eduardo being 29 and Campomanes 51. The same age as Eduardo's mother, Bibi Gaytán, who was irritated by questions about the alleged romance. Responding emphatically, she asserted her lack of knowledge about her son's romantic life.