The Federation starts to uphold the terms of the deal with the authorities and the athletes: The general secretary, Andreu Camps, is fired

 the players' mistrust of Montse Tomé is put on hold while the national team prepares to meet Sweden.

After a reasonably tranquil morning on this Wednesday due in part to the fact that the key players in the scandal involving the women's team (CSD, Federation, and Players) were dozing off after finishing their meetings and coming to an agreement, virtually The initial effects were felt at daybreak, in the late afternoon, and at the start of the night. The Federation has started to fulfill the promises it made to the Government and the footballers, and it has told its general secretary, Andreu Camps, that his duties are ending. This is without a doubt the most stunning development.

The president, Pedro Rocha, informed him of this in the middle of the day. Soon after, Camps emailed the Federation employees the following email, which EL MUNDO has access to:

I was fired from my position as secretary general of the RFEF this afternoon, and I feel it is only right and proper to start by sending you this letter of appreciation for your assistance with my work over the years I held this position. I hope to have carried out the mission given to me with respect and professionalism, and I sincerely regret if there was ever a time when I fell short of your expectations.

I give you all a hearty embrace.

The first person identified by the soccer players as being Luis Rubiales' right-hand man since taking office was Camps, and their demand for his dismissal was the first in the lengthy Oliva dawn. Following him, over the course of the next few hours, there will be a trickle of firings and firings that are intended to live up to the expectations of the government and football players, who believed that Camps was the source of all the Federation's actions against her.

This was Pedro Rocha's first significant choice, which, naturally, did not surface because of the national team's emphasis, which was the other area of attention for the day after the principle of agreement. After these two games, there will be a focus on the team's first practice under Montse Tomé's direction, which will also be scrutinized closely and have its consistency called into question.

After that extremely long morning and the short amount of sleep, it has only taken an hour and a half of training to activate and recover contact with the ball. The Spanish squad, which by federation decree lost its second female surname, has chosen to take a break before its two Nations League debuts this Friday against Sweden in Gothenburg and on Tuesday against Switzerland in Cordoba. The Paris Games are still some months away, and once more, 21 of the 23 players selected by the coach chose to focus on football instead of waiting for the restructure they had agreed to with the RFEF to be carried out through the efforts of Victor Francos, president of the CSD.

Tuesday's players had little inclination to practice when they finally got to their rooms at five in the morning after a trying and unpleasant day, but the coaching staff scheduled a session for five thirty. They had to get out of the conference rooms and onto the lawn.

Mapi León and Patri Guijarro departed the concentration at the crack of dawn, both of whom admitted that they were not in the best of health. "Our circumstance differs from others. There are no existing routes or means of escape. The Barça defense, whose spot was taken by Claudia Florentine of Valencia, stated, "This is a process, but we are glad because changes are taking place. Tomé will extend her period of reflection to call Guijarro's replacement. In Oliva, Sevilla forward Cristina Martn-Prieto also made an appearance.

Prior to bouncing onto one of the retreat's two grass fields, where 100 supporters and endeavor pioneer Rafael del Amo were hanging tight for him, there was an hour of meeting in the storage space. There is still a lot to say. This time he was specialized strategic and it was the coaches who talked. The prior night it was the players who developed Tomé. The relationship is tense and hosts these two gatherings of détente, yet there is no confidence in it. The internationals didn't request his head, yet they sabotaged his position nearer to the organization staff that embarrassed them than to them, a place that they protected having seen reflected in the call, which constrained them to go to regardless of their longing not to do as such, and in their proclamations both about the discussions with them and the justification for Jenni Hermoso's nonattendance.

Tomé's trump card will likewise rely upon the administration of this fixation, with an extended staff and sanction trips for movement, as well as the outcome and picture in these two games that are vital to look for a pass to the Paris Games.

The 'Oliva Nova agreement' has quieted the threats while football rules, something that has not occurred in the month, finished this Wednesday, since they were broadcasted title holders. The RFEF focused on the players before the CSD to roll out quick improvements to the design and the making of a three sided commission that would screen them. Right around 24 hours after the fact, Camps' excusal came.

Another apparent change, albeit less huge, is the shortfall of the press administrator, Patricia Pérez, in this presentation in the Countries Association. Del Amo, who at day break on Tuesday said he didn't feel addressed by the players, took no action with respect to the games chief by the same token. For this situation, everything appears to be deferred to the following week, when Spain will play against Sweden and Switzerland. That is in the event that they can be executed.

Albeit the Public authority gave its endorsement for the administration commission led by Rocha to stay at the top of the RFEF until January, when the races are called to choose the gathering and president for another term, holding decisions first might be essential. previous. Furthermore, as five regional presidents cautioned, the rules express that an administration board has the sole errand of meeting and directing an electing cycle, not administration.

The choice embraced by the board, they reviewed, could lead to a grumbling that has proactively happened. The head of the CENAFE Training School, Miguel Galán, has proactively requested that the CSD raise this break of the Games Regulation to the Bit and suspend the president and his whole administration board, which would prompt decisions that should be called and done in a time of 30 days.