They are the experts: Spain routs Sweden with a punishment in added time


Spain shows its quality following a tumultuous week with a triumph in its presentation in the Countries Association (2-3)

A football match-up, significantly more than that yet just that. Spain, the players who needed to quit being one to be the banner of something considerably more significant, are the bosses of this game, of the outcome and of the talk. Driven by Alexia Putellas, they had the option, despite everything, to by and by show that they are the most incredible on the planet on the grass. They incapacitated Sweden by cornering them, conquering her blows and stretching them to the edge to win the most troublesome match of their lives in added time and a punishment. [ Account and statistics]

For a couple of moments at the Gamla Ullevi in Göteborg, basically nothing had any meaning other than 22 footballers making an impression on the world: # It'sOver. A cry that the title holders have been singing for a month, which has engaged ladies, has been commended by men and has incited profound reflections that go past what occurs in the hour and a half that the ball rolls. That is the reason toward the starting it didn't make any difference that the stuffed stands were colored yellow, that a title was in question, the Paris Games and, surprisingly, the European Title in Switzerland. Not even that Spain had just had the option to beat Sweden in 13 years on the day when, prior to everything collapsed, they were avoided with regard to the World Cup last. The star was worn in the chest by the group that was denied of its all in all correct to elation. Presently they guarantee it.

Montse Tomé's most memorable choice at her debut was at that point a gesture: to return the captaincy to the power of the storage space. In spite of the fact that UEFA reported that Alexia Putellas would wear the armband that was taken from her, Irene Paredes did as such, a characteristic authority that she will practice close by Alexia herself, Aitana Bonmatí and Mariona Caldentey, aware of leaving a heritage that makes ready for ages.

SPAIN Eases back THE Mood

Yet again in Göteborg, without precedent for quite a while, they felt like just competitors. Spain was not irritated by the twisted week and began the game with character, drive and needing to scare the number 1 group on the planet positioning, a difficult one. This Countries Association rules out blunder: you must be first in the gathering to go to Paris. They forced a high speed that even Putellas called for them to lower so as not to pay the consequences after scarcely having prepared. He really wanted a little delay to meet Bonmatí, hold the ball and keep the Swedes from running. The recuperations of an incombustible Mariona allowed him an opportunity, testing Musovic with the blows of Ona Batlle and Bonmatí herself. However at that point, local people were enacted and each misstep landed them in the Cata Coll region. Angeldal missed the main shot, however from a set piece, the Swedish group's faultless weapon, the objective came. Eriksson passed on the protection to rise and complete a corner alone. Spain paid for the irregularity of a difference in training staff and seven days of additional conferences than grass. The blow might have made it more difficult Aslla

Spain didn't sink. I didn't need to. The Swedes had figured out how to excel, yet Peter Gerhardsson was not quiet on his seat. The Spanish football streamed splendidly, working the ball, with Alexia setting the rhythm, evading with class the stimulus of the Swedes, with the help of Bonmatí and the strength of Mariona to draw in rivals. The tie was brought into the world from his break. She investigated the region to find Athenea, who hit her to astonish Musovic, who lost the ball. The genuine embrace with Alexia at the festival was another message that the game left. The outcome was equivalent once more. Not the game. There the Spanish were the dominators.

Nothing different after the break. Athenea hastened into the area yet crossed her shot excessively far. Lucía attempted it, with her hand sore from a step, and even Aitana. Musovic needed to really buckle down, saving one more shot from Athenea and the bounce back from Mariona. What he was unable to stop was the left-footed shot into Eva Navarro's crew, who had recently entered the field. The match was inclining towards Spain, albeit in a counter-assault Hurtig adjusted it once more. As of now, Eva Navarro missed the Vaseline that contacted the crossbar and in added time, Ilestedt got Amaiur nearby. Punishment and removal. Mariona, from the punishment spot, didn't squander an objective for history. Another.