"Blake Martinez's NFL Comeback: Overcoming the Pokémon Scandal"


Former NFL linebacker Blake Martinez, who retired from the sport at age 28 to pursue a career in Pokemon card collecting, is looking to return to the field after being embroiled in a major scandal.

Martinez made headlines last year for selling a rare illustrator Pikachu card for $672,000, then quitting soccer days later to pursue collecting and trading full-time.

The decision worked out well for the linebacker. He said he made $11.5 million in less than a year in the industry...but then fans were treated badly.

Martinez was banned from the popular WhatNot card sales marketplace in August for "fraudulent conduct" following an investigation into consumer claims that he did not act in good faith.

The former Giants and Packers star is now looking to pick up where he left off in his first career... working with the Carolina Panthers on Wednesday.

Martinez, who earned about $29 million over seven seasons, was solid in his first stint in the league, recording over 700 tackles and 13 sacks.

It's unclear whether Martinez will be given a second chance, but even if he doesn't, it's possible he just didn't have the chance.