"Hunger Games Director Admits Regret Over Splitting 'Mockingjay' into Two Films"


``The Hunger Games'' director Francis Lawrence says he wishes he could reverse his decision to split the final film into two films.

When he spoke to People about “Mockingjay – Part 1” and “Mockingjay – Part 2,” Lawrence said: ”

His decision to split the final volume into two films was announced in July 2012. Part 1 was released in theaters in November 2014 and Part 2 was released in November 2015. For Lawrence, the decision made sense at the time. "Mockingjay" had its own dramatic questions. ”

Regarding fans who were frustrated by delays between productions, Lawrence said, "With a TV episode, if there's a cliffhanger, you have to wait a week or you can just binge and then watch the next episode. However, ``It seemed like a lie to me that people wait a year, but in reality it wasn't.''

The decision to make two films wasn't a bad one at all. As the director also noted, the film's team was able to bring significantly more of the book to the big screen, resulting in "a running time of about four hours."

The Hunger Games team isn't the first to turn one book into two films. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was split into his two films, his 2010 and his 2011. After that, 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' spawned his two films, followed by his two films, Part 1 and 'Divergent: The Loyalists'.

Luckily for fans looking forward to the Hunger Games prequels, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is the longest in the series at two hours and 36 minutes.

Lawrence went on to say, "I would never allow a book to be split into two parts. There was never a real conversation about it. It's a long book, but when I split 'Mockingjay' into two parts... "I got really bad treatment from the fans, from the critics, and from the critics because of that." Everyone, I said, ``That's not true. I'll just make a longer movie.'' ”

“Ballad of Songbird and Snake” will be released on November 17th.