"Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour' Claims the Throne with the Second-Biggest October Opening Day in Box Office History"


``Taylor Swift: The Elus Tour'' has been receiving rave reviews in theaters. The concert film grossed a whopping $39 million on its first day of release in 3,855 North American locations, a figure that included his $2.8 million in Thursday screenings. For the opening day of October, it was followed by the well-known comic drama "Joker" ($39.3 million) in 2019, followed by "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" ($37.4 million) and "Halloween" ($33). It became the second biggest opening day in history, surpassing the production. . a million). It was also the seventh highest-grossing film in 2023 on its opening day, ranking between Oppenheimer ($43 million) and The Little Mermaid ($38 million).

The large spike from Thursday to Friday was likely due to Swift suddenly announcing previews on Wednesday. Originally, ``The Elus Tour'' was scheduled to kick off on Friday the 13th, an important date in Taylor Swift's history. Some fans who had already made plans to see the movie may have been caught off guard by the sudden change in release plans.

Forecasts for the weekend are still undecided. The question is how far "The Eras Tour" can go. The even more bullish prediction of $125 million in three days is no longer met, but there's still a chance the concert film could surpass his $100 million mark.

This is due to rising ticket prices for large premium auditoriums and the increasing urgency of pseudo-limited performances. In a unique event strategy, the film leaves theaters on Monday, but returns for further screenings starting next Thursday. This is not the end of the abnormal situation. Swift Theaters and AMC Theaters treat movies like concerts by encouraging audiences to use cell phones and dance during screenings. And of course, those who have seen this movie for the first time will love it. Check out its rare "A+" rating on CinemaScore. (Did you really have doubts?)

Swift's documentary is on track to break into the top 10 opening weekends of the year, including Ant-Man 3 ($106 million), The Little Mermaid ($95 million) and Oppenheimer ($80.5 million). They are ranked 5th to 7th in the rankings.

Regardless of the outcome, "The Elus Tour" is a notable win not only for Swift, who is forgoing traditional studio distribution for a bigger share of the revenue, but also for AMC Theaters, which releases the film. It shoots movies in its own theaters as well as other multiplexes and independent locations. By cutting out the middleman and partnering directly with theater chains, Swift's groundbreaking deal could lead to more concert films (and perhaps other types of films!) being distributed directly through theater companies. There is a possibility that it will happen. Beyoncé will also partner with AMC Theaters to release a concert film from her Renaissance World Tour in December.

The Swifties craze is a boon for exhibitors, who have been deprived of memorable box office weekends ever since "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" managed to recover from a summer slump. ``The Elas Tour'' will push the domestic total of all films over the weekend to more than $100 million, a mark the market hasn't reached in more than two months.

A little further away, Universal's The Exorcist: Believer is expected to gross $11 million for its second film, which isn't terrible after a disappointing opening weekend, but still impressive. It won't be as much of a 58% decline as it is. Horror box office deals are typically tougher than that, but the sequel, produced by Blumhouse and Morgan Creek, is expected to gross $44 million domestically through Sunday. Universal has shelled out $400 million for the rights to a new "Exorcist" trilogy. "Believer" doesn't exactly live up to the expectations that come with that kind of showy treatment, nor does it generate any excitement for his other two works.

"Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie" won the bronze medal in its third weekend. Paramount expects the film to gross $6.1 million through Sunday, bringing the North American total to $48.9 million. The sequel currently has surpassed the $40 million domestic box office gross of its 2021 predecessor, which simultaneously premiered on Paramount+. The animated film also exceeded $100 million worldwide.

"Watched it cost just 27% less than the previous release. The horror sequel has already recouped its budget