Lionel Messi Addresses Absence from Hong Kong Friendly, Eager for Vissel Kobe Match


Lionel Messi, representing Major League Soccer team Inter Miami, has addressed the controversy surrounding his absence from a friendly match in Hong Kong. He clarifies his injury status and expresses eagerness for the upcoming match against Vissel Kobe.

Regret Over Missed Opportunity in Hong Kong:

Messi expresses regret over not being able to participate in the friendly match in Hong Kong.Despite his desire to play and the excitement of fans, Messi remained on the bench due to an injury.

Fan Disappointment and Government Response:

The sellout crowd in Hong Kong expressed disappointment and demanded ticket refunds when Messi did not play. Even the Hong Kong government expressed disappointment at Messi's absence from the match.

Explanation from Miami Manager:

Miami manager Gerardo "Tata" Martino explained that Messi and Luis Suárez were advised by medical staff to remain on the bench due to their injuries.

Hope for Future Matches in Hong Kong:

Messi acknowledges the fans' disappointment and expresses hope for future opportunities to play in Hong Kong.

Optimism for Vissel Kobe Match:

Messi provides an update on his injury status, stating that he feels much better and hopes to participate in the upcoming match against Vissel Kobe.

Commitment to Fans and Future Games:

Messi reassures fans of his commitment and expresses eagerness to play whenever possible.


Despite the setback in Hong Kong, Lionel Messi remains optimistic about his recovery and looks forward to representing Inter Miami in the upcoming match against Vissel Kobe. His dedication to the team and the fans is unwavering, as he hopes for future opportunities to play in Hong Kong and beyond.