Manchester United's Casemiro Backs Erik ten Hag Amid Turbulent Season

Casemiro, star midfielder of Manchester United, expresses confidence in manager Erik ten Hag's ability to lead the club through challenging times, despite a turbulent season.

Support for Erik ten Hag:

Casemiro believes that Erik ten Hag has demonstrated potential to lead Manchester United, citing last season's achievements and growth under his management.

Previous Season's Success:

Ten Hag guided Manchester United to a third-place finish in the Premier League in his first season as manager, showcasing promising progress.

Challenges in Current Season:

Despite past successes, United's current season has been marked by erratic performances and increased scrutiny surrounding ten Hag's position, exacerbated by poor league standings and an early Champions League exit.

Casemiro's Recovery and Return:

Casemiro, sidelined due to an ankle injury since October, anticipates returning for the second half of the season, aiming to contribute to the team's improvement.

Positive Experience at Manchester United:

Despite the challenges, Casemiro expresses enjoyment and satisfaction with his experience at Manchester United, praising the support of fans and the club's treatment.

Jim Ratcliffe's Influence:

British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe's recent acquisition of a 25% stake in United brings optimism, with Casemiro highlighting Ratcliffe's winning mentality and potential to elevate the club's status.

Ambitious Goals for the Club:

While acknowledging the club's current standing compared to rivals like Manchester City and Liverpool, Casemiro remains determined to help United grow and return to its former glory.


Casemiro's endorsement of Erik ten Hag and his optimism about Manchester United's future reflect a collective determination within the club to overcome challenges and regain its competitive edge. With Casemiro's impending return from injury and the support of stakeholders like Jim Ratcliffe, United aims to navigate through its current struggles and emerge stronger.