Messi Dependence Considered a Positive for Barcelona, Says Former Player

Former Barcelona center-back Patrik Andersson has weighed in on the ongoing debate surrounding Barcelona's dependence on Lionel Messi, asserting that the team's reliance on the Argentine superstar should be viewed as a positive aspect rather than a weakness. Despite recent challenges during Messi's absence due to a knee injury, Andersson believes that having Messi in the squad is an invaluable asset for the La Liga champions.

1.'Messidependencia' Not a Concern: Andersson dismisses concerns over Barcelona's dependence on Lionel Messi, coining the term 'Messidependencia.' He argues that having Messi as a pivotal figure in the team is a strength rather than a weakness, emphasizing the Argentine's decisive impact on the field.

2.Positive Influence of Messi: Barcelona has faced criticism and scrutiny for their performances in Messi's absence, including a defeat to Sevilla and less convincing displays against Bayer Leverkusen and BATE. However, Andersson highlights that Messi's absence should be seen as an opportunity for other players to step up and prove their worth.

3.Suarez's Role in Messi's Absence: Luis Suarez has emerged as a crucial contributor in Messi's absence, notably scoring vital goals against Bayer Leverkusen and Eibar. Andersson commends Suarez's adaptation to the Barcelona style and acknowledges his significant role in the team during Messi's absence.

4.Challenges in Defending the Treble: Despite Barcelona's continued success, Andersson points out the difficulty of defending a treble, citing the mental toll that winning everything can take on a team. He draws a parallel with Bayern Munich's experience in the 2013-14 season, highlighting the importance of the mental factor in sustaining success.


Patrik Andersson's perspective provides a positive spin on Barcelona's reliance on Lionel Messi, emphasizing the star player's indispensable role in the team. As Barcelona navigates challenges in Messi's absence, the emergence of players like Luis Suarez becomes crucial for the team's continued success. However, Andersson also acknowledges the formidable task of defending a treble and the mental challenges associated with sustained success at the highest level.