Thai Police Issue Warning to Liverpool Fans About Xabi Alonso Scam


Thai police have issued a warning to Liverpool fans regarding a potential online scam involving Bayer Leverkusen coach Xabi Alonso, who is rumored to be a leading candidate to replace Jurgen Klopp at Anfield in the upcoming summer. Authorities are cautioning supporters to be vigilant against scammers impersonating Alonso and soliciting donations through a fake Instagram account.

1.Scam Alert: The Central Investigation Bureau in Thailand has alerted Liverpool fans about an online scam involving Xabi Alonso. Scammers are reportedly impersonating the Bayer Leverkusen coach, who is a frontrunner for the Liverpool managerial position, creating a fraudulent Instagram account to deceive fans.

2.Fake Donation Appeal: The scammers are circulating a viral message in Thai, purportedly from Alonso's doctored Instagram account, requesting donations of 300 baht (approximately $8.50). The message falsely claims that Alonso, set to be Liverpool's next manager, lacks funds for his airfare.

3.Xabi Alonso's Status: The police statement clarifies that Xabi Alonso has not yet been appointed as Liverpool's manager, despite being a popular choice. The warning serves as a reminder to fans to exercise caution and not fall victim to the scam.

4.Premier League Popularity in Thailand: The Premier League enjoys immense popularity in Thailand, with Liverpool being one of the most widely supported teams. The warning comes as a preventive measure, considering the strong following of the club in the country.


Liverpool fans in Thailand are urged to stay alert and cautious as scammers attempt to exploit the anticipation surrounding Xabi Alonso's potential appointment as the next manager. The police's prompt warning serves to protect fans from falling prey to fraudulent schemes circulating online, reinforcing the importance of verifying information and avoiding unauthorized donation requests.