Thrilling Test Finales in Gabba and Hyderabad Reignite Passion for the Longest Format


Amid the increasing dominance of T20 leagues globally, Test cricket has reaffirmed its enduring appeal with two riveting conclusions in Brisbane and Hyderabad on Sunday. The captivating performances in these matches, where West Indies stunned Australia and England staged a remarkable comeback against India, have provided a compelling advertisement for the traditional format, elevating the spirits of cricket purists.

1.Growing T20 Dominance: Test cricket has faced challenges with the rise of lucrative T20 leagues worldwide, making it financially less viable for cricket boards. The popularity of T20 franchises and the potential shift of players towards franchise cricket as their primary employment have raised concerns about the future of the longest format.

2.Thrilling Finales: The Test matches at Gabba and Hyderabad unfolded as thrilling spectacles, offering nail-biting conclusions that showcased the resilience and drama unique to Test cricket. West Indies' victory over Australia and England's stunning comeback against India highlighted the enduring allure of the traditional format.

3.West Indies' Underdog Triumph: West Indies, featuring seven uncapped players, scripted a remarkable triumph in Brisbane against a formidable Australian side. Shamar Joseph's stellar performance, including a 7-68 haul, led to an emotional victory that moved cricket legends Brian Lara and Carl Hooper to tears, emphasizing the emotional depth of Test cricket.

4.England's Fearless Brand: In Hyderabad, England's fearless brand of cricket came to the fore as they overturned a significant deficit against India. Ollie Pope's outstanding innings of 196 and debutant spinner Tom Hartley's 7-63 contributed to one of England's greatest away wins, showcasing the unpredictability and excitement inherent in Test matches.

5.Positive Advertisement for Test Cricket: Former England captain Michael Vaughan and Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar lauded the captivating Test performances on social media. Vaughan emphasized the emotional depth of Test cricket, stating that T20 could never evoke the same feelings. India's coach, Rahul Dravid, found solace in being part of a Test match that showcased positive cricket with both teams pushing hard without hesitation.


The thrilling Test finales at Gabba and Hyderabad have rejuvenated the spirit of Test cricket, providing a compelling counter-narrative to the challenges posed by T20 dominance. The emotional highs, unpredictable outcomes, and displays of grit and skill have underscored the unique and timeless appeal of the traditional format, leaving cricket enthusiasts around the world with a renewed appreciation for Test cricket's enduring charm.