Former Jeopardy Producer Was 'Blown Away' by Aaron Rodgers' Preparation to Host

 Preliminary danger! Executive producer Mike Richards said New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers "was definitely the most willing guest host" as the show searched for a successor to the legendary Alex Trebek.

"Aaron Rodgers was definitely the most prepared," Richards told Jillian Telling of People.

"I was impressed by that, the intensity with which he was preparing, and he was so kind to all the staff. But in the end I got worried about his other job, which he's doing at a very high level. I was like, ' How are you?' Are we going to solve this by scheduling ball games? The foot? He said, You'll find out!

Rodgers was among 14 guest hosts who oversaw the show in 2021, with his turn running from April 5-16. Other hosts include CNN's Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, and Jeopardy! It stars Ken Jennings, who currently directs the show.

Rodgers is a big fan of the show and won the Celebrity Jeopardy award. In 2015, he defeated Kevin O'Leary (known as Mr. Terrific on Shark Tank) and Senator Mark Kelly.