Historic vote by Dartmouth basketball team to form union in US college sports

In an unprecedented decision, the Dartmouth College men's basketball team has voted to form a union, marking a milestone in the landscape of college sports in the United States. The vote, which took place on Tuesday, ended with a result of 13 votes in favor and 2 against, in an effort to improve the working and compensatory conditions of the players.

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The team will join an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest union organizations in the country, in a move that could have profound implications for the future of college athletics. This decision comes amid a broader movement to reform student athlete compensation practices, especially as it relates to prohibiting athletes from profiting from the commercialization of their name, image and likeness.

The vote at Dartmouth is a significant step in this process of change. Currently, athletic programs at major universities generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, but only a fraction of that money goes to athletes in the form of scholarships and stipends. The Dartmouth basketball team's vote could pave the way for other college teams, especially at private colleges, to follow suit and look for ways to improve conditions for student athletes.

However, the vote is not the end of the road. The university has appealed the decision, arguing that the players are students first and athletes second, and that they participate in college basketball to advance their educational goals. Dartmouth has questioned the classification of its players as school employees, noting that Ivy League students' priority is academic excellence and that sports are an integral part of their educational experience.

The decision to form a union will allow Dartmouth basketball players to collectively bargain with the school on issues such as compensation, practice schedules and travel policies. This could lead to significant improvements in conditions for student athletes and set a precedent for other college sports programs across the country.

In short, the Dartmouth basketball team's vote to form a union is a historic moment in American college sports, with the potential to spur significant changes in the way student athletes are compensated and treated across the board. the country.