: Jason Kelce Announces Retirement After 13 Seasons

In an exciting announcement made at the Philadelphia Eagles' NovaCare complex, Jason Kelce, the team's revered center, officially confirmed his retirement from professional football after an illustrious 13-season NFL career.

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Kelce, 36, who has been one of the best players at his position and has left an indelible mark on the Eagles franchise, decided to end his career after long deliberation. Accompanied by his parents, his wife Kylie and his brother Travis Kelce, star of the Kansas City Chiefs, Jason shared his emotions and reflections during a press conference that lasted 45 minutes.

"From the first day I stepped on the field, I felt a unique connection to this sport," Kelce said through tears. "American football has always been my passion, my life. It has been an honor to wear the Eagles uniform and represent this city."

Born in Ohio, Kelce was selected by the Eagles in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 2011. Since then, he has become a cornerstone of the franchise, racking up seven Pro Bowl selections and six first-team All-American nods. Pro. His legacy includes a Super Bowl win in 2018 and a franchise record 156 consecutive starts.

In addition to his impressive accomplishments on the field, Kelce won the hearts of Philadelphia fans with his commitment to the community and tireless attitude as a team leader. His passionate speech during the Super Bowl parade in 2018 will forever be remembered by Eagles fans.

"Jason represents the best of our city and our franchise," said Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. "His legacy transcends the game itself. He is an example of determination, passion and dedication."

Although he says goodbye to the field, Kelce leaves a lasting legacy in the hearts of Philadelphia fans. His impact was not only felt on the field, but also in the community and culture of the city.

In honor of his extraordinary career, the Philadelphia Eagles will retire Jason Kelce's number 62 and honor him with a special ceremony next season. Meanwhile, Eagles fans are preparing to say goodbye to one of the franchise's great icons and welcome a new era in the team's history.