Kate’s cancer revelation throws royal family into fresh turmoil

 Catherine, Princess of Wales announcing that she had started chemotherapy for cancer and was in the “early stages of this treatment” came as a surprise.

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When Britain woke up on Saturday morning, the tone of all the major newspapers was alarming. The Times struck a reassuring note with its front-page headline: "Princess reveals she has cancer, says: 'I'll be fine.'" The FT Weekend chose the phrase "Kate puts an end to speculation", while The Sun told the princess: "Kate, you are not alone."

The 42-year-old royal revealed her battle with cancer yesterday in an emotional video statement, after weeks of constant scrutiny over her health.

It was a bold move. She is a person who gets nervous when speaking in front of cameras, much less on such deeply personal matters. But the video, filmed simply on a bench in front of a bed of spring foliage, showed Kate earnestly sharing her story on her own terms and in her own words.

It was moving to hear her speak clearly and frankly about what she is experiencing. Her decision to approach the public was made in consultation with her husband, Prince William, heir to the British throne.

The princess admitted that the last few weeks had been difficult. Interest in Kate, who disappeared from public view at Christmas, continued this week after reports emerged that staff at the hospital where she was treated in January may have attempted to illegally access her private medical notes. It is not yet clear whether the alleged data breach was successful, but three people are said to be under investigation.

The grim development came on the heels of an unprecedented tornado of unfounded conspiracy theories that exploded in the absence of details about his January surgery, reinforced by William's unusual absence from his godfather's funeral in late February and the admission of Kate that she had edited a photo. . As a family to celebrate Mother's Day in the UK earlier this month.

The revelation of her authenticity brings a new perspective to that image and to the events of the past few weeks. The official story is that she was recovering from abdominal surgery, while the reality was much more serious than that. Once again, the royal family may face some difficult questions about what they decide to reveal to the public and when.

Furthermore, it is an unusual time for the British monarchy. The organization is now facing one of the biggest crises in recent times, with two of its most important family members absent from work. It also leaves Prince William and Queen Camilla running the institution while caring for their spouses.

The future queen's cancer diagnosis follows King Charles III's health battle, which was revealed in early February, less than a year after his coronation. The king, 75, also made the decision to temporarily step down from public duties while he undergoes cancer treatment (although he continues his constitutional obligations behind the scenes).