"Former Michigan Clerk and Attorney Charged in Voter Data Breach"

Michigan's Attorney General, Dana Nessel, announced on Wednesday felony charges against former Adams Township Clerk Stephanie Scott and her attorney, Stefanie Lambert, for allegedly accessing voting systems without authorization, aiming to find evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

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Allegations: Scott, a Republican, and Lambert face multiple felonies, including unauthorized access to a computer and using a computer to commit a crime. They are accused of allowing an unauthorized computer examiner to access voter data, including non-public information from the 2020 General Election.

Legal Consequences: The charges reflect growing efforts to hold individuals accountable for breaches in election security. Multiple reviews, audits, and recounts have confirmed Joe Biden's victory in Michigan over Donald Trump.

Scott's Alleged Actions: Scott allegedly ignored instructions to turn over her township's voting tabulator to an authorized vendor and withheld it until seized by the Michigan State Police. Lambert is accused of illegally transmitting data from the township's Electronic Poll Book concerning the 2020 General Election under Scott's direction.

Response and Background: Lambert's attorney, Daniel Hartman, denies her wrongdoing, emphasizing her commitment to transparency. Scott's recall from her position in 2023 followed allegations of election-related conspiracy theories and failure to ensure voting security. Lambert, a pro-Trump attorney, faces separate charges for allegedly tampering with election equipment.

Legal Proceedings: Both defendants have histories of election denialism. Lambert has faced previous arrests for allegedly spreading confidential emails from Dominion Voting Systems. Scott, too, has been embroiled in controversy, barred from running elections in her township after alleged misconduct.

 The charges against Scott and Lambert underscore the importance of safeguarding election integrity and prosecuting those who undermine it. As legal proceedings unfold, the case highlights the ongoing efforts to uphold democratic processes and accountability in electoral systems.