Harris Agrees to Debate Trump’s Future Running Mate Amid High Stakes for 2024 Election

Vice President Kamala Harris has agreed to debate Donald Trump’s future running mate, a Biden campaign official announced Thursday. The Biden campaign confirmed to CBS News that they have accepted the network’s invitation to participate in a vice presidential debate on either July 23 or August 13.

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“We look forward to the Trump campaign accepting one of these dates so that the full debate calendar for this campaign can be set,” the official added.

The July 23 date falls less than a week after the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, giving Trump’s running mate limited time to prepare for a debate with Harris. CNN has reached out to the Trump campaign, but they have not yet confirmed their participation. Trump hinted during an interview that he might announce his vice presidential pick at the convention.

“I don’t say anything’s 100%, but you’re getting pretty close. I’ll be doing it in Milwaukee,” Trump told TMJ4 news.

Donald Trump Jr. has been vocal about his support for Ohio Sen. JD Vance as his father’s running mate. On his “Triggered” podcast, Trump Jr. emphasized the urgency of announcing the pick soon, while Vance expressed his willingness to serve if asked.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Trump have agreed to two presidential debates, set for June 27 and September 10, hosted by CNN and ABC News respectively. These debates mark a significant early start to the 2024 campaign showdown.

Vice President Harris has been an active campaigner, addressing key issues like abortion rights and visiting states where new laws have affected access. Her role has been pivotal for the Biden administration, particularly on sensitive topics that may be challenging for President Biden to address directly.

Speculation about Trump’s vice presidential pick is intensifying, with potential candidates including North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Sen. Tim Scott, Rep. Elise Stefanik, and Sen. JD Vance. Trump’s decision is expected to significantly influence the campaign dynamics leading up to the election.

The proposed vice presidential debate dates are strategically significant. A July 23 debate would follow closely after the GOP convention, potentially impacting the immediate post-convention momentum. An August 13 debate would come just before the Democratic National Convention, putting additional pressure on Harris.

As both presidential candidates are among the oldest in history, the vice presidential candidates' roles are even more critical, with heightened scrutiny on their potential to serve as future presidents. This debate could be one of the most consequential in recent history, shaping not only the 2024 election but the future direction of both parties.