Hunter Biden Requests Delay in Tax Trial Set for Late June

Attorneys for Hunter Biden have requested a delay in the tax trial set for late June, seeking a postponement to September or later, citing complications from a concurrent gun case and logistical challenges in the tax case. The defense argues that the gun trial in Delaware, scheduled for early June, and the need to secure expert witnesses and consult with individuals across multiple states, justify the delay.

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Earlier this week, judges in both cases— the tax case in California and the gun case in Delaware—affirmed the original trial dates despite Biden's appeals. Hunter Biden faces accusations of tax evasion and purchasing a firearm while using illegal drugs, charges to which he has pleaded not guilty.

U.S. District Judge Marc Scarsi, overseeing the tax case, indicated he would consider further requests to adjust the trial schedule on May 29. Meanwhile, prosecutors have opposed the defense's move to introduce evidence of Biden's repayment of taxes, asserting it occurred only after he was aware of the investigation. They have also proposed jury questions regarding biases toward the IRS and perceptions of Biden's prosecution due to his familial ties.

In the Delaware case, Judge Maryellen Noreika has denied a delay request, emphasizing that the trial, scheduled for June 3, should proceed as planned. The defense cited the need for additional time to prepare and secure witnesses, which the judge dismissed, stating preparations could be completed in the allotted time.

The rulings in these high-profile cases, occurring amid President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, intensify scrutiny on Hunter Biden. He is charged with making false statements about his drug use on a firearm purchase form and possessing the gun while being a known drug user. His legal team has argued that political pressure influenced the prosecution, a claim previously dismissed by the court.

Special Counsel David Weiss intends to use excerpts from Biden’s memoir detailing his addiction struggles as evidence in the gun case. The proceedings in both the Delaware and California cases are poised to unfold against the backdrop of the upcoming presidential election, potentially impacting the campaign dynamics.